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Omega Capital Funding takes every opportunity to help strengthen small business owners.

We empower you to do your best with customized business lending options, and resources to help foster your financial well being and allow you to transform your vision into reality.

We offer a middle ground between the high costs of typical cash advances and the slow, low-approval process of bank loans. Our low rates, diligent client relations, and overall flexibility ensure your business is getting the best value possible.

Since our inception, we have helped countless businesses continue to rapidly grow. 

We’re a passionate team of individuals, driven by hard work, ethics, mutual respect and transparency. We listen to our customers, understand their needs and nurture their passion into their thriving businesses.

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Our Mission is to get you the capital you need quickly and easily. Too many small business owners are hindered by the financial options currently available in the marketplace. 

Banks require time-consuming applications and have low approval rates. While the alternative financing industry focuses on short term profits, we strive to provide fast, accessible financing while remaining committed to responsible lending and sustainability.

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